2016-17 Training Year

Our first parade night of 2016-2017 on 20 Sep 16 was an eventful one.   A total of 44 promotions meant a lot of badges awarded.  Here's a summary:

LAC - Chan, N., Degteariov, Fadavi, Francis

Cpl - Chen, D. Cheng, Crescenzi, Dholakia, Fan, Fernandes, Fu, Goncalves, Huang, L., Incze, La, Ng, Rodrigo, N., Wu, R.

FCpl - Azraq, Chan, B., Jacob, Kovirineni, Kwan, Lee, W., Naihin, Thevasuresan, Aa., Thevasuresan, Ab.

Sgt - Blom, Cronin, Kim, Y., Lee, E., Luo, Rodrigo, C., Wang, Yung, Zhong

FSgt - Bhardwaj, Hayashi, Imam, Li, A., Rivera, Sun, Wu, A., Zhang

And FSgt A. Wu received the coveted Drum Major badge.

Our leadership positions were appointed and announced previously.  See herefor our new cadet Chain of Command.

Congratulations to all.                                                                                       

September Activities

          - 10 Sep 16 -- NCO Leadership Training Day (Levels 4 and 5 only)

          -  13 Sep 16 -- Administration/Supply Night -- LHQ -- Bring parent, and health card. 

                                    Bring any uniform parts that no longer fit. 

                                    This is a mandatory activity.

          -  15 Sep 16 -- Recruit Information Night -- LHQ -- For new recruits and parents. 

          -  16/17 Sep 16 -- Magna Hoedown

          -  17/18 Sep 16 -- Candlelight Vigil 

          -  20 Sep 16 -- First Training Night -- At Cardinal Carter Catholic High School.  1830 - 2130 hrs.

          -  24 Sep 16 -- Gliding -- CFB Borden.   See Sign Up Sheet  here.

          -  30 Sep - 2 Oct 16 -- Tag Days.  This is a mandatory activity.

 Do you have pictures?  We want to post them! 

Please send to 140atrgo@gmail.com

Attention All Cadets!

  • Required reading -- Standing Orders and Terms of Reference.  Click  Here  for a copy.
  • Look under the Training tab for IGs, QSPs and more.   Or click Here.
  • It's your squadron.  Let's keep it great.

Through excellence to the stars.

140 Aurora Squadron would like to thank Branch 385, Colonel Fred Tilston, V.C. Royal Canadian Legion in Aurora, for its generous support of 140 Aurora Squadron this year and for the past several years.

Come Join Us!

If you are 12 years old or over and would like to join 140 Aurora Squadron as a new recruit this year, we will happily accept your application at any time.  Contact the squadron at 140atrgo@gmail.com.


Effective September 20, 2016, come see us on Tuesdays between 6:30 and 9:30 pm at Cardinal Carter Catholic High School.  Directions here:  Where we areThe full membership package is here:  Membership Package.

We look forward to seeing you!

140 Aurora Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron